2018 - ...         Head (in methodological work) of Design Department  Rigas Art and media school,

2013 - ...         Docent at Art academy of Latvia in Glass design department,

2012 - ...         Teacher at  Rigas Art and media school in Visual Design department,

2012 - ...         Specialist and designer of Decorative Forms.


2010 – 2012    Latvian Art Academy, Glass design department, MA

2011                 Erasmus practice in Luxembourg glass workshop with Robert Emeringer and  Zaiga  Baiza.

2006 – 2010    Latvian Art Academy, Glass design department, BA

2009                 UK, University of Sunderland, Glass and Ceramic,

2002 – 2006    Riga secondary-craft school, Form design

2006                The IES (international education society (London))

                        Certificate - Moulder of decorative Forms,

1999 – 2002    Jurmalas 1st gymnasium

1996 – 1999    Vaivaru secondary school

1992 – 1996    Pumpuru secondary school


2021.02     „9th International Glass Festival”/ international exhibition / Asselborn/ LUX

2020.08     „GLASS JAZZ”/ international exhibition / Panevezi/ LT

2020.02     „KVADRATAS 12 ”/ international exhibition / Kaunas/ LT

2019.08     „8th International Glass Festival”/ international exhibition / Asselborn/ LUX

2018.10     „KVADRATAS 11 ”/ international exhibition / Kaunas/ LT

2017.08     „7th International Glass Festival”/ international exhibition / Asselborn/ LUX

2017.02     „Melting limits”/ Baltic state exhibition / Rīga/ LV

2016.10     „Baltic Landscape”/ intenational exhibition / Rīga/ LV

2015.09     „New approches”/ intenational exhibition / Rīga/ LV

2015.04    „Luminous, cutting, shatter”/ international exhibition / Vilnius/ LT

2015.04    „Form”/ exhibition / Riga/ LV

2015.04    „Vitrum Balticum”/ international exhibition / Riga/ LV

2013.08    „5th International Glass Festival”/ international exhibition / Asselborn/ LUX

2013.05    „Kvadratas VI” (SQUARE VI)/  international exhibition / Kaunas/ LT

2012.09    „European Glass Context 2012” /international exhibition / Bornholm/ DK

2012.09    „Stanislaw Libensky Awards” /international exhibition / Prague/ Cz

2011.08     „4rd International Glass Festival”/ exhibition/ conference/ Asselborn/ Luxembourg-LUX

2011.05     „Troy horse”/ Art days international exhibition/ Riga/ LV

2009.08.    „3rd International Glass Festival”/ Asselborn/ LUX

2011.03     „Glass voice 2011”/ International exhibition/Riga/LV

2010.09     „Stanislaw Libensky Awards”/ international exhibition / Prague/ CZ

2009.05.    „DRY RUN”/Glass exhibition/ University of Sunderland/ United Kingdom-UK

2007.02.    „TRANSPARENT”/Glass department exhibition/Jūrmala/ LV

Exhibitions in Latvia:

2022.10     „Sculpture.Ceramic.Glass ”/ Group exhibition/curator/ Jurmalas muzeum/ LV

2022.09     „Riga-Liepaja-Riga”/ Group exhibition/Liepājas muzeum/Liepāja/ LV

2020.08     „GLASS TOUGHTS ”/ SOLO exhibition/Jurmalas muzeum/Jurmala/ LV

2020.02     „Sculpture.Ceramic.Glass ”/ Group exhibition/Liepājas muzeum/Liepāja/ LV

2019.12     „Sculpture.Ceramic.Glass ”/ Group exhibition/Valmieras muzeum/ Valmiera/ LV

2019.11     „ Yes/No  Independence”/ Group  exhibition /Artist house/ Jūrmala/ LV

2019.11     „Glass ”/ A.Gedules un B.Briedes solo exhibition  /Gallery “Durvis”/ Tukums/ LV

2019.10     „Būt /To be ”/ Group  exhibition / Līvānu centre, salon “Lett”/ Rīga/ LV

2019.02     Skeleton in the closet”/ LMA glass department exhibition / Gulbene/ LV

2019.01     „HUMAN ”/ LMA glass department exhibition / Valmiera/ LV

2017.05     „6”/ exhibition / Aluksne/ LV

2017.05     „Sand and Glass”/ exhibition / Rīga/ LV

2017.04     „StopPoint”/ exhibition / Saldus/ LV

2013.09     „Grupa”/ exhibition / Bauska/ LV

2010.06.   „Identity seal”/MA Project/Riga/ LV

2012.01    „Glass games” solo exhibition/ Jurmala/LV

2010.06.    „Identity”/ BA Project/Riga/ LV

2010.04.    „With Birds”/ Glass exhibition/ A.Sūnas gallery/ LV

2011.02     „Expression in glass”/Exhibition in House of Blackheads/Riga/LV

2008.11.     „45 years for Latvian Glass”/ Glass exhibition  /Riga/ LV

2008.06.    „Fragile 2”/ (Latvian Art Academy) Glass department exhibition/ Riga/ LV


2023.04   Erasmus+ KA1 project,  Rigas Art and media school students and teacher exchange in Novy Bor/CZ

2022.07  Erasmus + STAFF mobility for Training  „Gulian Geither glass studio”  / Treviglio/ IT

2019.08  Erasmus +  „8th International Glass Festival”  / international exhibition/ Asselborn/ LUX

2019.05   LMA practice, “Ernesto design” company , Rīga, Latvija

2019.05   Erasmus+ “Ajeto, Lindava glass factory” workshop, Czech

2019.02  Member  “Jūrmalas Artists' Association” 

2018.05   Erasmus+ “Ajeto, Lindava glass factory”- workshop, Czech

2018.02   Erasmus+ “Glass Virus”- Think Tank platform for glass artists and schools, Ritveld  

                  art Academy, Nederland

2018.01-11   National Centre for Education (NCE) of Republic of Latvia /ESF project working  

                  group member “ Education guide for adults”/Latvia

2017.10   Erasmus+ KA1 project,  Rigas Art and media school students and teacher exchange

                  at Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design/Finland 

2017.05   Erasmus+ KA1 project,  Rigas Art and media school students and teacher  

                  exchange in Italy  design, interior, and metal work companies/ Italy

2013.05   „Art conecting us”/ Comenius international project Sakarya / Turkey

2013.08   „5th International Glass Festival”/ international exhibition staff part of             

                 organization/ Asselborn/ Luxembourg

2013.03   „Material.Idea.Design.”/ Latvian art school competition conference/Daugavpils/ LV

2012.06   „Stamp of Identity”/ Master's thesis project / author technique/ LMA /Rīga/ LV

2007.11   Glass blowing workshop” / exhibition/ Helsinki/ Finland- FIN

2007.03   „Nordic Design Workshop II ” - Design  Produkt Development/

                  „Branding- selmarketing”/ Newspaper „Diena”/Riga/ LV

 2006.06   Decorative interior  forms/Qualification project/ LV

2006.03   „3 dimension works in modeling/1 . prize/ LV

 From 2007 projects –with Erasmus, Erasmus+ KA1, Erasmus,, Nordea,....


Works in Colections:

Prague Glass art centre and gallery/ Prague/ CZ

Glass museum Lette/ Cosfeld/ DE

Glass art studio and gallery/ Robert Emeringer and Zaiga Baiza/ Asselborn/Clervoux/LUX

Jurmalas museum/ Jurmala/ LV

House of Aspazia/ Jūrmala/ LV

2022/07AAL Erasmus + Staff Mobility for Training, “GulianiGeitherglassstudio”/Italy

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